Month: July 2014

FIFA Fever

*Disclaimer: Sorry these photos are not the best quality. Also, some photos are duplicated because I couldn’t help myself from editing them 🙂 *

Every four years, fútbol (soccer) enthusiasts across the globe suffer from a condition known as FIFA Fever. Though I’ve never been to a world cup match, during my stay in Seoul I got the chance to go to a friendly match between South Korea and Brazil. This game (my first professional match by the way) is one of the top highlights from my trip! Here’s a brief summary of what happened:

My best friend and I were actually running late to the game but that had no affect on our animated excitement. Our adrenaline was pumped up even more while on the subway as 95% of our fellow commuters were watching the game on their phones. -Random side note: I noticed that staring down at your phone for the entire subway ride is the norm here. I’m pretty sure its to avoid that awkward stranger eye contact. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have a cell phone while in Korea, so I was that creepy people watcher.-

When we arrived, we were on the wrong side of the stadium and literally ran to the other side…


It was wall to wall packed in Seoul World Cup Stadium. I couldn’t help but thank the Lord that I’m not claustrophobic.











The game was fantastic and I think that both teams played very well. The crowd was also so full of energy with Korean chants being shouted from one end and Brazilian samba music being blasted from the other. Not to mention the most epic wave known to mankind 🙂 (I was so in awe that these people brought their own instruments, I creepily took a picture of one.)



Sadly, in a few days the World Cup will be wrapping up and FIFA Fever will be over. But don’t worry, in another four years we’ll be captured by this contagion once again 🙂










Sweeet Updates.


After a long 5 month hiatus, I’m pleased to inform you that I’m back! A few important life events have happened since my last update; I have successfully:

  • Graduated with a BBA in International Business
  • Landed an internship with the mayor of my city
  • Celebrated my 22nd birthday 🙂

I’m just excited to see where it all goes from here!

P.S. Did you notice the new theme layout?!

P.S.S. The cupcake in the picture was a gift from a lady at church, whose name escapes me.

P.S.S.S  Future goals for the blog include:

  • Updating more regularly
  • Developing a more colorful and exciting writing style